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TV Poster

Euphoria is a hit show that has captivated audiences with its visually stunning imagery and thought-provoking themes. For this project, I decided to create a digital illustration of an occurring scene from Euphoria featuring the main character riding on her bike. The scene is not only visually striking, but it also captures the essence of the show.

To ensure that the poster was on-brand, I used the color palette from the show, including the purples, oranges, pinks, and deep blues. These colors are prominently featured throughout the show’s cinematography and help to create a unique and striking visual identity.

The design I created is very on-theme with how the show edits their show, utilizing fast cuts, bold colors, and unique camera angles. By mimicking the show’s visual style, I was able to create a poster that perfectly captures the essence of Euphoria and its unique aesthetic.

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